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Terms of Use / Anti-Spam Policy

We Are Against Spam and Spammers!


At Short Link - Anonymous URL Shortener, we are well acquainted with the consequences of spam. Short Link, at any cost, will not endure the usage of our services to spam people. We are strict in maintaining the superior quality of our branded links and also for the branded links that are provided to our customers via the use of the Short Link - Anonymous URL Shortener platform. Therefore, they must not be redirected to the blocked/spam, malware, or blacklisted URLs.


What is referred to as spam?


Spam refers to the gratuitous, indiscriminate, or bulk messages that are sent explicitly for a commercial purpose. Generally, the spam mails accommodate advertisements or fraudulent marketing programs that might result in fraud involving monetary activities. The superior quality is maintained for our branded links aiding the customers via the usage of the Short Link - Anonymous URL Shortener platform. Thus, none of the links should cause spamming for our customers.


What We Strictly Forbid At Short Link - Anonymous URL Shortener


Short Link - Anonymous URL Shortener is such a platform that is meant to monitor all the marketing campaigns. It is not any platform to spam other users with your affiliate and marketing links. At our platform, we keep a record of all the URLs that have been served through us, working hard to prevent the delivery of the spam links to the customers. While it is not always possible for us to detect each similar instance of spamming, yet we strive hard to eliminate all the spam links that are detected or reported to us:

In case you are unsure about your links or if you believe Short Link - Anonymous URL Shortener has wrongly placed your links in the spam category, contact our support center without any hesitation and let us assist you.


What We Do When Spam Is Detected


If we detect any spam from your end, we will take severe actions against your account. We do not like spammers intruding on our website or using our service. Below mentioned are some of the possible actions that we might take (as we bear the right to do so) against all the spammers:

We possess a very efficient team and automatic robots that investigate potential spam links from time to time. Before we take any action against your account or the tracking links, we will ensure to grab as much information as possible on the URLs to assess/confirm whether the links are spam. Once we take up a decision about the spam links or the accounts correlated to them, the decision made will be final and irreversible.


What You Must Do If You Encounter A Spam Link That Uses Short Link - Anonymous URL Shortener


If you find any entity using our service for any sort of spam activities or if you encounter a branded link ever that redirects the users to a spam website, feel free to contact us at the earliest to report spam at [email protected]. The moment we confirm any reported spam link(s), we will immediately work to discard them. When reporting spam occurrences, make sure to include the information about the spam URL and the reason you think it is spam or is suspicious. We prioritize our spam reports and assure you to take serious action against it.