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Shortlink - Anonymous URL Shortener Privacy Statement

  1. Introduction

  1. This Privacy Statement furnishes guidance and information to the Shortlink - Anonymous URL Shortener relating to the processing of personal data by the brand.

  1. Shortlink - Anonymous URL Shortener (“us”, “we” or “our”) is committed to the protection and respecting of your privacy. This Privacy Policy Statement, alongside the Terms and Conditions and the documents that have been referred to in them, sets out the premise on which any personal data collected by us from you or that you provide to us (“Data”) will be processed by us. Kindly read the Privacy Policy Statement thoroughly in order to understand our treatment and the usage of Data.

  1. In this Privacy Policy Statement, references to “you” indicate the person whose personal information we collect, use, and process.

  1. We will put your personal data in use solely for the purposes and in the manner that has been set forth below that describes the steps we take in order to ensure the processing of your personal data is in agreement with the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003, any subsequent data protection and privacy legislation (the “Acts”), European Union Law that includes the General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”) and any of the subsequent amendments (combined termed as the “Data Protection Legislation”).

  1. In case you are not comfortable with or do not agree with any aspect of the Privacy Policy Statement, then you must refrain from accessing and/or utilizing the services we provide at  Shortlink - Anonymous URL Shortener.
  2. We seek to sustain the privacy, confidentiality, and accuracy of the personal information that includes your personal data, which we collect and use concerning our customers.

  1. Identity of the Personal Information Controller

         For the purposes of the Data Protection Legislation (DPL), the Data   Controller is  Shortlink - Anonymous URL Shortener.

  1. Contact Details of the Privacy Officer

         The data protection officer who has been appointed in respect of your entity (if applicable) can be provided - kindly refer the clause 13 for further contact information.

  1. When Is This Privacy Policy Statement Applicable?

        This Privacy Policy Statement is applicable to all the personal information, which we gather, use, and otherwise process about you in the connection with your relationship with us as a potential customer          or just a customer.

  1. What Type of Personal Information Do We Collect and Process?

         We might gather and process the below-mentioned categories of information of you:

  1. Your personal information such as name, gender, address, date of birth, contact number and email;
  2. Your authentication information such as the tokens; and
  3. Your financial information such as the billing data and credit card number.

  1. Purpose of Using Your Personal Information

  1. The legal premise for this usage and the processing will comprise of (as relevant):

  1. Processing of your account;
  2. Providing services that are relating to your account and to work on improving our services to you (comprise of the service communication, research, insight, customer surveys, and feedback);
  3. Providing you with pertinent marketing communications;
  4. Supporting other administrative purposes;
  5. Complying with all the regulatory and legal requirements; and
  6. Contacting you from time to time (where you have permitted us) to keep up with the company news, latest/ upgraded services, limited offers, and other promotions.

  1. The key purposes that make us use your personal data include:

  1. Processing of your personal data where you have permitted us or have placed your consent;
  2. Enabling us to perform our obligations under any contract with you;
  3. Processing for the legit interests provided that these are not overridden by your interests along with the fundamental rights and liberty (our own legit interests and those of the other entities in the Shortlink - Anonymous URL Shortener). Particularly this is relevant when we use and as well as process your personal data to respond to your enquiries and address our good governance obligations; and
  4. We might disclose your personal information to the regulatory or governmental bodies and also to the other third parties where mandatory to do so by the applicable law, like compliance with the court order or any request from a regulator or like legal process or where otherwise necessary in order to comply with a legal obligation or for the justice administration.

  1. Moreover, in the event of an acquisition, merger, or any form of sale of the whole or some part of our assets to a third-party, we might also disclose your personal information to those third parties concerned or the professional advisors of them. In the instance of such a transaction, the personal information that is held by Shortlink - Anonymous URL Shortener will be considered amongst the assets having transferred to the buyer.

  1. The personal data provision is a requirement of a contractual basis and might also be a statutory requirement, and becomes mandatory to process your application or for any contract performance. In case your personal data cannot be processed, it might cast an impact on fulfilling our rights and obligations.

  1. Knowingly, we do not process any personal data from people aged below 13 years. If it brings to our attention that we are processing personal data of such kind, we shall delete all of them without a delay.

  1. When you permanently close your account, we may still continue to process your personal information up to the extent as permitted by the applicable law, for the purposes that are detailed above.

  1.  International Transfers

  1. As Shortlink - Anonymous URL Shortener possesses a global nature, your personal data/ personal information will be transferred to the entities of Shortlink - Anonymous URL Shortener that is located in the other countries. The other countries might have a set of different data protection laws than that of your country of residence or they might not have the data protection laws at all. However, the steps will be taken to put the safeguards in place (comprising of the around security) in order to protect your personal data when it is in a different country/ countries. For any questions or queries, kindly refer to clause 13 of this Privacy Policy Statement. Also, note that the commercially sensitive information might be removed or blanked out from the copies that have been supplied to you.

  1. Your personal information may be stored, transferred, and processed in one or more of the other countries.

  1. We take additional steps in line with the data protection laws for the transfer of your personal data to the third parties of the other countries.

  1. Adding to this, we also take reasonable steps in order to ensure that all your personal information is adequately protected accordingly with the Acts and the GDPR.

  1. Duration of Personal Data Storage or The Criteria Utilized To Determine The Duration (If The Former Is Not Possible)

  1. Unnecessarily, your personal information will not be stored for a longer period than to fulfill the specific purposes that have been outlined in this Privacy Policy Statement. This permits us to comply with our legal requirements, comprising of, without limitation to any tax and the commercial obligations.

  1. The criteria that we put in use to determine the data retention duration are as follows:

  1. Retention Of The Queries

We might preserve your personal data for a  reasonable duration after you have enquired about our Services, in order to follow up queries from you.

  1. Retention of the Claims

We might retain your personal data for the duration in which you might legally fetch claims against us (this implies that we retain it for a minimum of 7 years) if and to the extent it is applicable.

  1. Retention According To The Legal and the Regulatory Necessity

We will take into account if we need to retain your personal data after the retention duration in case of the claims (above) or queries due to the legal or regulatory requirement. All or some of the criteria may be pertinent to your personal data retention that is collected from you in relation to our Services.

  1. Retention Permitted Under The Applicable Law

We will continue to retain the personal data as and where necessary in order to provide our services to you and also the retention of such personal data is needed for the purposes of pursuing our legit interests or where it is absolutely necessary for the purpose of public interest.

Kindly note that, although the reasonable efforts will be taken up, it might not always be possible to completely discard or delete all of your personal data from our databases due to the backups and other technical reasons. If and where this is the case, we will take measures to ensure that your personal information is suppressed to render it unusable.

  1. Your Rights

  1. Under the Data Privacy Law, you might have various rights in your country (or where applicable). These might include (as relevant):

  1. The right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data/information. Nevertheless, we may continue to process your personal information if there is a legal basis alternatively for the processing.

  1.  The right to request access to or duplication of (copy) of the personal data that we hold about you. Kindly note that there isn’t any fee for this request and any request placed for a copy of your personal information will be processed within 30 days (a month) in accordance with the GDPR law.

  1. The right to rectification that includes requiring us to correct inaccurate personal data;

  1. The right to solicit restriction of processing that might be concerning you or to object to the processing of your personal data  if:

  1.  The right to bar further processing in specific circumstances and where there is no different lawful ground for continuing to process that specific information. All of these, for example, include:

  1. The right to solicit the erasure of your personal data where it is no longer necessary to retain it by us;

  1. The right to suppress or block the processing of personal information. While we qualify to store your personal data, further we cannot process it if you solicit it to be blocked;

  1.  The right to data portability that includes obtaining personal data in a format which is commonly machine-readable in some specific circumstances like - where our processing of the data is based on a consent; and

  1. The right to object to the automated decision making that includes profiling (if any) having a legal or significant effect on you as an individual and the right to take back your consent for any processing data for which you might have given consent previously.

  1. You bear all the rights to be informed of the privacy local representative’s identity (in case we are required by law to have a local representative);

  1. You also bear the right to any details of any person to whom Shortlink - Anonymous URL Shortener has disclosed your personal data unless Shortlink - Anonymous URL Shortener is prohibited from giving out such information that is pursuant to the applicable law.

  1. Kindly refer to clause 13 in case you wish to exercise any of these rights, if relevant.

  1.   International Transfer Inringement

Without having the prejudice to any other judicial or administrative remedy that you might have, you might have the right under the data privacy laws in your country (if and where applicable) to lodge a complaint with the relevant data protection supervisory authority in your country, in case you believe that we have infringed the applicable data privacy laws while processing your personal information. This implies that the country where you are habitually resident or you work or where the alleged infringement happened.

  1.  Security

  1. We attempt to use the appropriate technical and as well as physical security measures in order to protect your personal data that is being stored, transmitted, or otherwise processed by us, from the unlawful or accidental destruction, alteration, loss, unauthorized access of or disclosure. These measures consist of:

Our service providers are also chosen carefully and are required to use the appropriate protective measures.

  1. Modern security practices are quite effective but not for the case of electronic or physical security systems as they are not entirely secure. The information transmitted through the internet is not completely secure. Although we will put our best efforts to protect your Data, at the same time we cannot guarantee you the security of your data being transmitted to our website. Any and all data transmissions are at your sole risk. Once we have received your Data, we will enforce the appropriate security measures in order to seek and prevent unauthorized access. We will also continue to revise the policies and enforce additional security features as we can access the latest technologies.
  2. In case of an interception or unauthorized access to your personal data, we must not be held liable or responsible against any resulting misuse of your personal data.

  1.  Privacy Statement Updation

We reserve all rights to modify this Privacy Policy Statement at any time in our sole discretion. If we modify anything, we will notify you so that you can check what information we collect, how we might use that data, and in what circumstances we might disclose it.

  1.  Reach Us

For more information or in case you have any questions/queries about this particular Privacy Policy Statement, feel free to contact us through