The Necessity of Link Management For Your Business - Solid Reasons To Explore

We happen to mention a lot about the industry-leading tool for link management - Short Link - Anonymous URL Shortener. But do you know you can skyrocket your company’s growth by implementing link management? If you are absolutely new to the zone, you might be thinking of what exactly we are talking about. Here we will be spitting out everything about the term and why it is absolutely necessary for your business.


What is Link Management?


Link management can be termed as the capability to organize, analyze, edit, and have full control over all the links that your organization(s) share. It does not depend on the size of your company.


Links turn out to be a critical asset to any business. The reason behind this is that they establish a secure connection between your brand and the online arena. Thus, it is essential that you stay in control of them. Link management furnishes you with the opportunity to safeguard your brand and optimize marketing strategies. While your organization is continuously creating and sharing links each year for social media sharing, customer support, email marketing, internal and admin communications, you hardly have a solid estimate of them.


This is where the link management comes to action. Find out why you would need to take control of your links seriously through the URL shorteners.


What is an URL Shortener?


An URL shortener is a tool that helps you shorten the size of the URLs, making it easier to manage. There are specific URLs that go over a hundred characters which are quite challenging to manage. On the contrary, the URL shorteners reduce the URL characters to not more than 20 characters in most of the instances. Apart from managing the URLs, there are a lot more things that make it ideal to opt.


Benefits of URL Shorteners in Link Management


Here are the benefits of URL Shorteners in Link Management that would give you the purpose to utilize them more often:


URLs that are incredibly long are pretty difficult to share. While the links provided by the URL shorteners are effortless as they are short and compact. Consider a link, say,


And another link:


Which one do you think is more natural to share? No doubt, the second one because it is short and less complicated.


As the SEO demands more keywords in the URL for it to rank, this often make individual URLs stretch to a large one (similar to the 1st link). But when the same URL is passed through a URL shortener like Short Link - Anonymous URL Shortener, it shortens the large link into a compact one like the 2nd link example. Sharing and using them makes it much easier and quick.


Some of the URL shorteners offers a much more feature such as geographic location, the live click data, information on the webpage link where the link has been clicked and a lot more. All of these information is invaluable to the companies and as well as the webmasters as it displays from where the customers are coming from, their time of visiting and things that interests them. It also aids the companies or brands to develop better products while the webmasters produce more specific user-oriented content. Plus, the detailed information makes the economy more efficient.


 The data that an URL shortener has gathered, if coupled with the rise in the short URL sharing on social media services like Twitter and more, could aid in some innovative social media services. These social media services display popular links, rank domains and sometimes act as a filter or cluster of social media content. By shortening the URLs with the help of URL Shorteners like Short Link - Anonymous URL Shortener, can lead to some useful mashups and provide insights on how people digest and share different contents.


 Some of the URL shorteners offer special features like direct social media sharing, displaying the actual number of views and many more useful information. Some even display number of comments any article has received. The shortened URLs help the businesses to get on the webpage or even helps in ranking sometimes.


 As you use the short URLs, you can simply decrease the space consumption unlike the large ones and enter more texts. This promotes the look of any post. Take for example a Tweet, that allows 140 characters to write what is in your mind. If you paste the long URL, it will consume maximum space (or all space depending on its character length) leaving behind little or no space for you to write anything. Thus shortened URLs are what comes handy.


The shortened URLs are becoming integral day by day considering the amount of smartphone usage and the utilization of social media. Digital marketing has also improved where hundred of URLs are used every year. Short Link is the solution for that and if properly utilized, will yield you more than expected. With this, we have reached the closure of the article where we have successfully discussed link management, its benefits and how to utilize URL shorteners for your organization’s advantage.

Published on: 7/6/20, 10:10 AM